Cavity Closers

NEW Cav-Crystal: Cavity Closers from Crystal

Cav-Crystal is a combined window former, cavity closer, window acceptor and DPC and has been designed to replace conventional timber templates.

Manufactured from re-cycled PVCu, Cav-Crystal is an ecologically sound solution for closing cavities and installing pre-finished windows into new build applications.

Cav-Crystal cavity closers are compatible with most types of lintel and window frames, subject to confirmation by the window system supplier.

Cav-Crystal features profile specific brick-ties and window frames used with the system may be conventionally fixed using fixing cleats or through fixing into masonry.

A unique acrylic snapper is available to 'push-fit' windows into the system and additional serrations allows the use of stainless steel snappers.

Ease of assembly is made possible with our corner blocks and the system can also be corner welded if required.

Cav-Crystal is one of the most professional and thermally efficient solutions to closing cavities and fitting windows for the new build and commercial markets.

Cav-Crystal range:

50mm - external fit, internal fit and check reveal
75mm - external fit, internal fit and check reveal
100mm - external fit, internal fit and check reveal

Cav-Crystal vented head also available, as well as a wide range of associated ancillary components.

Cav-Crystal full details and full price matrix  available on request.