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Crystal Platinum Partners - Successful together

With an annual UK sales value of £5bn+, the market for PVC-U windows, doors and conservatories has never been busier!

Crystal, the merchants’ supplier of choice, are delighted to announce the introduction of our ‘Platinum Partner Programme’. Our proven and straight forward programme will ensure that your sales of PVC-u windows, doors and conservatories will rise dramatically, making certain that you gain a real stake in this lucrative market. By becoming a Crystal Platinum Partner, you’ll be joining an ambitious and supportive team who will, from day one, guide you every step of the way. A unique blend of expert training, ongoing support and all the sales and marketing tools you need, means our Platinum Partners enjoy much enhanced sales.

Crystal is the UK merchants preferred partner for PVC-U windows, doors and conservatories. Achieve Platinum Partner status to unlock, secure AND grow this huge revenue stream! Crystal Platinum Partners, even more, successful together!

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The National Merchant Buying Society Ltd (NMBS) is a centralised buying society for Independent Builders, Timber, Hardware, Plumbing and Heating Merchants. It has over 1000 members with over 3100 branches with over £1.5 billion buying power. They provide Invoice Clearing Services for all the major independent buying groups which includes FORTIS, CBA, H&B, PHG, NBG, IBC and IPG as well as offering them marketing and event support.

Members enjoy an average benefit of approximately 4% in rebates by NMBS continuously negotiating better terms by pooling the turnover and invoicing of its members to gain purchasing power, guaranteeing the payments of its members and by offering a very cost effective sales and marketing route to the Independent Merchant.

Crystal is the only PVC-U window, door and conservatory fabricator contracted to supply NMBS merchants and are proud sponsors of their annual conference in Sorrento in 2o20.


Launched in 2015 as a brand of the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF), the monthly Builders Merchant Building Index (BMBI) report is the only reliable measure of Repair, Maintenance & Improvement (RMI) building activity in the UK. Filling an important gap, it can be widely used in construction, and by economists, Government, national media commentators and influencers outside the industry.

This BMBI uses data from GfK’s ground-breaking Builders Merchants Panel, which analyses data from over 80% of generalist builders’ merchants’ sales throughout Great Britain.

GfK’s Builders Merchants Panel started collecting data in July 2014, and all trend data in the BMBI is indexed on the 12 month period July 2014 to June 2015. The monthly series tracks what is happening in the market month by month and includes an in-depth review every quarter. This trend series gives our industry access to far more accurate and comprehensive data than that available to other construction sectors.

The reports also include views from our panel of leading industry experts to help explain trends, issues and opportunities in their markets. Kevin Morgan, Crystal’s Group Commercial Director, sits on the panel as the expert for PVC-U windows, doors and conservatories.

Variety, the children’s charity

All over the UK there are children who have to cope with sickness, disability or disadvantage. Variety provides practical, tangible help that makes an immediate difference to those children and their families.

The charity provides coaches and bespoke wheelchairs, specialist, sensory and recreational equipment for use in the home, school, children’s hospitals and youth centres. By doing so, they provide so much more. A wheelchair doesn’t just provide mobility, it lets the child ‘join in’ with the other kids. Providing a special-needs school with a Sunshine Coach gives its pupils access to a much wider range of activities and experiences.
 The charity also creates memorable experiences through its Great Days Out programme. For a disadvantaged child, a day at the seaside becomes a cherished childhood memory. Each year, Variety takes tens of thousands of children on great days out.

Martin Randall, chairman of the Crystal Clear Group, said: “I was honoured to be asked by Variety to become a patron. Variety is a special charity with incredibly inspiring people. I believe business today has a responsibility to be part of the community where we are based and to work with charities to make a difference to the lives of young people in the towns and cities in which we operate.

Crystal have been working towards raising enough money for a Variety Sunshine Coach and in 2017 we achieved our target!  In June 2017 Crystal were sponsors of the BMF All Industry Conference Gala Dinner and organised a fund raising auction and we can confirm that a record sum of £71,531 was raised and will be divided between Variety and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Builders Merchant Federation

The Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) is the only organisation that represents and protects the interests of builders merchants, plumbing, heating, roofing, decorative and timber merchants and their suppliers.

Total membership stands at 578 merchant and supplier companies (January 2017) who together have combined sales of almost £25bn and employ over 117,000 people in the building materials industry. BMF’s 316+ merchant members operate in around 4,580 branches across the UK. The BMF is the active hub of merchant and supplier activity in the UK, working closely with allied industry groups and regulatory bodies such as trading standards and planning departments, to ensure that issues affecting member merchants and suppliers are tackled promptly and effectively. The BMF is an active lobbyist with local and central government in England, Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland, and has an impressive track record of achievements.

Kevin Morgan, Crystal’s Group Commercial Director says:

“We are delighted to have become a BMF Supplier Member and very much look forward to working with the BMF members over the coming years. Crystal were proud to be a sponsor of the BMF All Industry Conference in Budapest 2017 and Dubrovnik in 2019″.



HBXL Building Software

HBXL Building Software is widely recognised as the developer of the best, and most accurate, construction estimating software for extensions, new bui lds, renovations and refurbishment projects. The software is called EstimatorXpress and their customers range from general builders to medium house builders.

Using EstimatorXpress software, builders can produce accurate and professional quotes in significantly less time than it takes to manually estimate. Estimates are not only done quickly but there are less errors, as the software stays fully up-to-date with the latest material prices and is regularly updated with latest building technologies and building regulations. HBXL has two divisions:

1. HBXL Estimating Service is a professional estimating service allowing builders to send full architect drawings to HBXL to provide complete costings. As the approved supplier, all such costings include Crystal specified products. Once such works proceed to order, the builder then liaises directly with Crystal.

2. HBXL Building Software provides builders with pricing software, which calculates all the costs and quantities of labour, materials and plant required for a project with a complete cost breakdown, profit and cashflow forecasts and business-winning customer quotes.

We are delighted to be working with HBXL and Partnering  means that we can bring some useful tools for EstimatorXpress estimating software. The PVC-U Bonus Pack (optional extra for EstimatorXpress) includes a range of PVC-U estimating calculators. Making it easy to accurately price our range of made to measure products. The partnership also brings PlansXpress CAD software users additional benefits.  This extends the PlansXpress drawing capabilities to include our massive range of doors, windows, conservatories and roof lights in plan view, elevations and 3D models.

Until May 2015 HBXL did not provide a PVC-U windows and doors solution for its users, so clients estimated their projects based on all materials,  bricks, sand, tiles etc, and then had to look elsewhere for their windows and doors.  From May 2015 Crystal have Partnered with HBXL to provide our full range of products to their customer base (in excess of 12000) – a truly successful partnership.

If you’d like to try out HBXL’s software, you can take EstimatorXpress for a spin with a no-obligation Test Drive. Give HBXL 14 day’s and they’ll have you professionally estimating and winning business like never before. Click here