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EN1279 sets quality standards for the production of sealed units. Crystal Direct originally achieved EN1279 two years before it was made mandatory. In its latest audit by CENSolutions, Crystal scored 97%.

Chairman, Martin Randall, originally set up Crystal’s glass division to have tighter control over standards of production. It supplies sealed units to both installer customers as well as fabricators who appreciate quality output.

“Quality is so important when producing sealed units because imperfections are hard to spot until the window is installed, by which time the cost of rectification is very high,” explains Brian Geraghty, Crystal’s Operations Director. “We’re audited by CENSolutions twice yearly so standards are always maintained. In every audit we score in the high 90’s out of 100. This consistent result shows our commitment to producing a first class sealed unit.”

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EN 14351

In June 2009, Crystal Direct became one of the first fabricators to be awarded the CMS Quality Mark EN 14351 from CEN Solutions. The certification follows a successful audit of Crystal’s ‘factory production control system’.

Crystal has implemented a number of control systems and procedures in its factory to ensure efficiency and a consistently quality output. And the effort has paid off. Crystal achieved a top rating of 97% in the audit with assessors impressed by the quality systems in place.

Brian Geraghty, Crystal’s Operations Director says, “We are extremely proud to have achieved this accreditation. A lot of work and effort has gone into implementing new systems to ensure our factory complies with the requirements of the certification. The 97% pass rate reflects our efforts and makes it all worthwhile.

"We are committed to giving our customers the best choice and the best service. Achieving the CMS Quality Mark helps us do just that.”

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